Welcome To Velammal
Welcome to Velammal
Quality Management:

Our institution’s Quality Management System is approved by the ISO 9001:2000(E).TUV (SUD).

School Management annually reviews the quality objectives established the previous year with regard to their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Each year the quality objectives and the outcomes from the objectives are reviewed. The quality objectives may be continued for the next year, revised, or new objectives may be identified and implemented.

The Management firmly believes that Customer is the primary reason for organization’s very survival and Organizational Performance is, in essence, the Performance of its Quality guarantee.
The organization will therefore, at all times, strive to harmonize the differences between individual target and Organizational wishes while managing the affairs of the organization.
At the primary level, the School will:
Base all “selection” decisions on MERITS.
Emphasize “TRAINING” of all members of the School to effectively meet the present needs of the institution and its future plans.
Organize work RATIONALLY.
Evaluate people and performance NEUTRALLY.
Reward and compensate good performers EQUITABLY.
The resources are maintained SPORADICALLY.
360 degree customer satisfactions are confirmed PERIODICALLY.
The Quality Procedures are updated HABITUALLY.
The School will sanctify, through appropriate policies:
Team work
Flexible deployment
Multicraft proficiency at all levels.
Receptivity to ideas, information and knowledge.
Open communication
Proactive orientation.
The School will further ensure:
Minimum Response Time to all people situations.
Efficiency in acknowledging achievements.
Objectivity in Decision-Making.
Conflict Resolution on priority close to point of occurrence.
Opportunities to Achieve are always available.
The School upholds:
Lateral Thinking.
Experimentation for improvement.
Relevance to objective
Interests of the largest collective.
The organization will ensure that the above commitments are reflected in all its policies, procedures and its decisions in organizational working.
Quality Management System:
Customer directed
2 Continuous improvement.
3 Quality assurance
4 Highlighting on prevention
5 Thinking in process terms
6 The Principal’s leadership
7 Teamwork
8 Everyone contributes to quality
9 Relying on facts and data
10 Systematically solving problems
General Quality Plan:
Our School has a continuing successful relationship with customers, we preparing quality policies for the fulfillment of the customer requirements. On this basis only our institution Vision and Mission statements are framed.

Our quality plan is basically designed to have commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS and also to have a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
Quality Team:
It is a team of Our Respected CEO, Principals, teachers, Administrative officers, IT department, HR department with the Quality Assurance Department are involved in the various Procedures under the Headings of the following Process Names
Quality Management System
2 Human Resource Management System
3 Education Delivery Process
4 Educator Standard Process
5 Academic Monitoring and Measurement Process
6 Customer Related Process
7 Pupil Enrichment Program process
8 Resource Management System Process
9 ECA & CCA Activity delivery Process
10 Sports School of Excellence Process.
In the above ten number of process each contains minimum of 10 to Maximum of 16 key forms for Monitoring and control purpose.